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OECD Watch is a global network of civil society organisations with more than 100 members in 55 countries. We are made up of a diverse range of organisations – from human rights to environmental and development organisations, from grassroots groups to large, international NGOs. We are bound together by our commitment to ensure that business activity contributes to sustainable development and poverty eradication; that corporations are held accountable for their actions around the globe; that governments fulfil their duty to protect human rights; and that the victims of business-related abuse receive remedy.

OECD Watch Remedy Campaign

OECD Watch campaign Remedy is the Reason

What's new

OECD complaint against Norwegian Aker Kværner ASA for building the Guantanamo Bay prisons

July 2005

Norwegian ForUM files OECD complaint against Aker Kværner ASA for building and maintaining prison facilities in Guantanamo Bay

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Human rights violations in Australian immigration detention centres

June 2005

Australia’s detention regime for asylum seekers violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. OECD complaint launched against Global Solutions Ltd over Australian Immigration Detention Centres

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Alcoa and Votorantim commit socio-environmental crime

June 2005

Alcoa and Votorantim violate OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises by committing socio-environmental crime in Brazil

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OECD complaint against Canadian Mining company ACC

May 2005

Canadian and Equadorian Organisations file OECD complaint against Canadian Mining company ACC.

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Conference Report

April 2005

Putting the OECD Guidelines for MNE's into practice

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