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Mission statement

Members of OECD Watch share a common goal to improve corporate accountability mechanisms in order to achieve sustainable development and enhance the social and environmental performance of corporations worldwide.


Members of OECD Watch share a commitment to the following objectives:

  1. Ensure effective access to remedy for communities, workers and individuals negatively affected by business conduct through the OECD complaint mechanism;
  2. Increase the effectiveness and reach of the OECD MNE Guidelines as a tool to ensure corporate accountability; 
  3. Build capacity of civil society organisations to use the OECD Guidelines complaint mechanism to address cases of corporate misconduct.

Theory of Change

OECD Watch believes that multinational corporations must be held accountable for adverse impacts they cause, contribute to or are linked to, and that remedy must be accessible and provided to victims of corporate misconduct. OECD Watch is adamant that governments must enact laws and that binding regulations are required to ensure this happens, as failure by governments to properly regulate corporations has led to a wide range of human rights, labour and environmental abuses. Until binding rules for responsible business conduct are in place, OECD Watch believes the OECD Guidelines have the potential to remain an important tool to promote accountability and access to remedy. This potential will only be realized, however, if the NCP system is strengthened. While there is growing discontent over the legitimacy and effectiveness of the Guidelines amongst civil society, OECD Watch will strive to strengthen and ramp up our impact on the NCP system through a coordinated advocacy and lobby campaign aimed at urging OECD governments to undertake the changes that are necessary to their respective NCPs.

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