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New Quarterly Case Update June 2014 available

Jun 24, 2014

The June 2014 update of new cases filed, pending and recently concluded or rejected cases, and current case statistics is now available.

The highlights in this Quarterly Case Update include:

New Cases

  • Coalition of Laotian and international NGOs file complaint against Andritz for contributing to adverse human rights and environmental impacts by supplying key operating technology for the Xayaburi hydroelectric dam in Laos.
  • Canada Tibet Committee files complaint against China Gold International Resources for human rights, environment and disclosure violations at the Gyama Copper-Polymetallic Mine in Tibet; China Gold says it will not engage in the process; Canadian NCP is conducting an initial assessment.
  • War on Want and Change to Win file complaint against Alliance Boots alleging the company’s executive chairman engaged in a series of debt-related transactions with other insider controlled entities that may have significantly enriched the involved parties at the expense of the company and taxpayers; UK NCP tries to transfer case to Swiss NCP, but Swiss refuses to take it; UK NCP finally rejects complaint, claiming allegations are unsubstantiated.
  • Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights files complaint against security services company G4S alleging complicity in human rights abuses at military checkpoints in the Separation Barrier; UK NCP accepts complaint.
  • Bahrain Watch and Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain file complaint against Dae Kwang Chemical for supplying tear gas used by the Bahraini government in human rights violations; Korean NCP rejects case, claiming Dae Kwang is not a multinational enterprise and thus not covered by the Guidelines; complainants feel NCP’s reasoning is erroneous and based on a misrepresentation of the Guidelines.
  • Wider Earthquake Community Action Network alleges insurance companies have violated earthquake victims’ human rights by failing to resolve claims more than three years after earthquakes in New Zealand; NZ NCP requests more information on some cases, rejects two, claiming they are not multinational enterprises.

Case Developments

  • WWF and SOCO reach landmark agreement following UK NCP-facilitated mediation in case on oil exploration in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) Virunga National Park (a World Heritage Site). As part of the agreement, SOCO agrees to cease its activities in Virunga and to never again jeopardize any other World Heritage Site.
  • Ten months after the case was filed, Canadian NCP finally sends draft initial assessment for the Corriente Resources and CRCC Tongguan Investment Ecuadorian copper mine case to the parties for comment.
  • UK NCP rejects Reprieve’s complaint against BT Group, arguing insufficient substantiation of link between BT’s services and impacts of US drone operations; complainants dissatisfied with impossibly high substantiation standard.
  • UK NCP-facilitated mediation underway on the British Gas/Chevron/ENI cases alleging environmental, health and human rights violations around the Karachaganak Oil and Gas Condensate Field in Kazakhstan.
  • UK NCP-facilitated mediation underway between RAID and ENRC concerning alleged human rights impacts affecting the impoverished populations of Kisankala and Lenge villages in the DRC.
  • German NCP accepts complaints against Karl Rieker and KiK regarding the 2012 Tazreen factory fire in Bangladesh and forwards case against C&A to Brazilian NCP.
  • Swedish NCP hosts follow-up meeting with Swedwatch, Electrolux and Mönlycke in Thai labour rights cases; Swedwatch notes Electrolux factory still has no union because workers are afraid to organise.
  • Complainants decline German NCP-led mediation after NCP only allows discussion on Trovicor’s management systems; NCP rejects complainants’ evidence showing Trovicor’s business relationship with the Bahraini government.
  • UK NCP provides parties with draft final statement in case against GCM Resources case alleging human rights violations at the Phulbari coalmine in Bangladesh; however, the NCP is delaying publication of the statement because one of the parties has requested that the UK NCP’s Steering Board review the NCP’s handling of the case.
  • Norwegian NCP-facilitated mediation underway concerning Statkraft’s 360 turbine wind farm on Saami land.
  • Sjøvik refuses to disclose the due diligence it agreed to undertake as part of Norwegian NCP-facilitated agreement in case concerning its fishery activities in the Non-Self-Governing Territory of Western Sahara.
  • Argentine NCP fails to take further action on Barrick Exploraciones Argentinas and Exploraciones Mineras cases after accepting them in May 2013.
  • Argentine NCP fails to take further action on GlencoreXstrata case after meeting with CEDHA and the company separately in the last quarter of 2013.
  • Irish NCP fails to move CRH case forward after stating it would more than a year ago.
  • Canadian NCP publishes final statement for Barrick Gold case alleging human rights abuses at the Porgera Mine in Papua New Guinea.
  • Luxembourg NCP facilitates joint agreement in ArcelorMittal case that includes a proposal to the Liberian government to reform the County Social Development Fund.
  • French NCP announces an independent organisation has been selected to monitor implementation of the action plan to remedy SOCAPALM’s violations of the Guidelines in Cameroon.
  • Argentine NCP allows Shell Capsa case alleging environmental and human health violations at the Dock Sud oil refinery to languish for over six years.
  • South Korean NCP closes Il-Kyoung case concerning labour rights violation in the Philippines after seven years without publishing a final statement or even officially informing the complainants.
Attachment OECD Watch Quarterly Case Update June 2014 - Final.pdf (Size 1331Kb)

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