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OECD Watch launches online tool on the OECD Guidelines

Dec 03, 2013

OECD Watch has developed an online Case Check to assist potential complainants in deciding whether the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises can be used to address corporate misconduct. This new tool now makes the OECD Guidelines complaint mechanism much more accessible and comprehensible for civil society organisations.

As a network of civil society organisations that is committed to testing the effectiveness of the OECD Guidelines specifically, OECD Watch has developed expertise in advising and supporting organisations to use the OECD Guidelines complaint mechanism. This year-long experience with the OECD Guidelines is now captured in an online Case Check and made available to organisations worldwide.


Do the OECD Guidelines apply?
The OECD Watch Case Check is aimed at potential complainants who would like to get advice on whether the OECD Guidelines apply to a specific case. The online questionnaire will guide the respondent through a set of strategic questions. At the end of the Case Check, tailored advice will be given, based on the answers provided in the tool. An automatically generated document provides insight into which OECD Guidelines provisions could be cited in an eventual complaint and guides the respondent to the relevant National Contact Point (NCP) where a complaint could be filed with. The document also contains suggestions as to which (strategic) considerations to take into account before filing a complaint. 



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