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Invitation Press Conference "10 Years On"

Jun 25, 2010

OECD Watch is pleased to invite those interested to the launch of its new report "10 Years On" Assessing the contribution of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises to responsible business conduct". The press conference will be held at Wednesday 30 June 2010, from 13:00-13:45 at the OECD Conference Centre.

OECD Watch has monitored the implementation and effectiveness of the OECD Guidelines over the past ten years and made an analysis of cases filed by NGOs against corporations alleging violations of the OECD Guidelines. Ten years of NGO experience with the Guidelines indicate that they are inadequate as a global mechanism to improve the operations of multinationals. The task ahead for the OECD and adhering governments is clear: If the OECD Guidelines are to be considered a credible, legitimate and enforceable standard to resolve corporate abuses and promote responsible business behaviour in the 21st century, the critical issues outlined in the OECD Watch report should be addressed.

Please register for this event at /
For more information, please contact Virginia Sandjojo, +31-6-54253357

Copies of the report are available.

After the press conference there will be opportunity for personal interviews with the authors and representatives from the case studies featured in the report: CEDHA, EarthRights International, Shwe Gas Movement, Survival International and Transparency International German Chapter.

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