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Restoring civil society confidence in the UK NCP

Feb 08, 2018

OECD Watch has sent an open letter to the UK NCP to express its concerns regarding the performance of the NCP. For years, the UK NCP had a reputation as one of the best performing NCPs worldwide. However, since 2011, the UK NCP has steadily lost the confidence of UK civil society, according to the evidence available to us.

OECD Watch is concerned that the lack of complaints submitted to the UK NCP over the last two years is indicative of a loss of confidence amongst civil society organisations in the ability of the NCP to handle complaints fairly in keeping with the procedural requirements of the Guidelines, and we wish to see this confidence restored. All governments that adhere to the Guidelines have made a binding commitment to establish an effective NCP that has the confidence of its stakeholders, including civil society. We are asking the UK NCP and the UK government to honour its commitment in this regard.


Attachment OECD Watch Letter to UK NCP Steering Board_1 February 2018.pdf (Size 117Kb)

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