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Archive 2004-2010

OECD Watch members meet on gold mining

Jul 17, 2005

Participants from 20 different countries gathered in Accra, Ghana for the OECD Watch Inter-regional Training and Strategy Seminar. The seminar focused on the mining companies and their activities in Africa.

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OECD complaint against Norwegian Aker Kværner ASA for building the Guantanamo Bay prisons

Jul 07, 2005

Norwegian ForUM files OECD complaint against Aker Kværner ASA for building and maintaining prison facilities in Guantanamo Bay

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Human rights violations in Australian immigration detention centres

Jun 15, 2005

Australia’s detention regime for asylum seekers violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. OECD complaint launched against Global Solutions Ltd over Australian Immigration Detention Centres

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Alcoa and Votorantim commit socio-environmental crime

Jun 03, 2005

Alcoa and Votorantim violate OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises by committing socio-environmental crime in Brazil

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OECD complaint against Canadian Mining company ACC

May 18, 2005

Canadian and Equadorian Organisations file OECD complaint against Canadian Mining company ACC.

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French Utility Faces OECD Scrutiny For Laotian Dam Project

Feb 10, 2005

The French government has agreed to review a complaint against Electricité de France for allegedly violating OECD guidelines in planning a billion-dollar hydro venture in Laos. Proyecto Gato and Les Amis de la Terre filed the complaint at the French NCP.

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We Agreed to Disagree

Oct 26, 2004

In spite of a disappointing outcome of the OECD complaint case of the German Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) on labour rights violations in Indonesian supplier factories of adidas, the German CCC considers it to have been far from a useless exercise.

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CIME and CMIT merge into Investment Committee

Aug 10, 2004

In April 2004 the Committee on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises (CIME) and the Committee on Capital Movements and Invisible Transactions (CMIT) merged into the Investment Committee.

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Groups File Complaint With State Department Against Three American Companies Named in UN Report

Aug 05, 2004

Three American companies are being accused of fueling civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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OECD Guidelines Workshop for Brazilian NGOs

Aug 04, 2004

Red Puentes and OECD Watch organized a workshop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, about CSR and monitoring multinational enterprises in Brazil.

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