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OECD Watch Case Check

OECD Watch has developed an online Case Check to assist potential complainants in deciding whether the OECD Guidelines can be used to address corporate misconduct.

How does this online case check work?

This online Case Check will guide you through a set of questions that are relevant for potential complainants who would like to get advice on whether the OECD Guidelines apply to a specific case. At the end of the Case Check, you can download a PDF with tailored advice relevant to your case. 

The answers provided by you in the Case Check will be kept confidential and are only accessible for you and OECD Watch. After having completed the OECD Watch Case Check, you can e-mail the results of the case check to your own e-mail address. 

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What will online Case Check generate?

After you have filled in the Case Check, you will be given advice for your potential OECD Guidelines complaint based on the answers you have provided. An automatically generated PDF with advice will provide insight into which OECD Guidelines provisions could be cited in an eventual complaint, guidance regarding at which National Contact Point (NCP) you could file your complaint, and suggestions as to which (strategic) considerations you should take into account before actually filing a complaint. 

The OECD Watch Case Check is designed to give you a preliminary indication of the applicability of the OECD Guidelines to your case. You are recommended to read OECD Watch's guide Calling for Corporate Accountability: A guide to the 2011 OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and relevant sections of the official text of the OECD Guidelines prior to filing a complaint.

How to reopen your Case Check? 

To return to a previously filled out Case Check, please login below with the credentials you have received by e-mail:

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