Maurice Ouma Odhiambo is the Executive Director of Jamaa Resource Initiatives, a national Kenyan NGO. The mission of Jamaa Resource Initiatives is to promote social responsibility of governments, International Finance Institutions, the African Union, regional commissions, corporations, and individuals in Africa through capacity building, advocacy, networking, research and technical support for a just and equitable society.

The work involves research, focused discussion, and debate on the sustainability of development efforts by stakeholders throughout Africa. Jamaa is a Swahili word meaning community. Jamaa Resource Initiatives thus advocates for communal participation and management of resources from resource-rich communities.

Jamaa Resource Initiatives’ distinctive niche is based on one of the greatest challenges that confront the civil society sector: raising adequate resources to support development work. Jamaa works to explore the idea of self-reliance and community-led and resourced development, and has come into existence by understanding the need to reduce dependence on foreign aid.

Jamaa Resource Initiatives promotes and facilitates collaborative links within and among communities, individuals, and local businesses, to increase efforts in pooling resources together from various local sources.