Michael Rice is Natural Resources Governance Officer – Asia at Both ENDS, a Dutch NGO that fights for a world where long-term environmental sustainability and social equity take priority over short-term profits. We work with partners around the world to strengthen global civil society and support our partners to gain decisive influence on the use of nature and the environment, thus contributing to societies that stay within our planetary boundaries and respect all human rights, including the rights to water, food and a safe living environment.

Ensuring effective, accessible and meaningful ways of holding public and corporate stakeholders accountable for their actions is central to our ambitions. Michael works together with European and international partners to address the human rights and livelihood impacts of the natural resources and primary industries sectors, with a focus on Asia. This work includes collaborating with local organisations to hold European companies and decision-makers accountable for the local impacts of European supply chains and investments. He is an indigenous land rights and tenure expert, and worked as a Native Title lawyer in Australia before joining Both ENDS in 2017.