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About OECD Watch

OECD Watch aims to ensure that business activity contributes to sustainable development and poverty eradication and that corporations are held accountable for their impacts around the globe.

The Network 

OECD Watch is a global network with more than 100 members in 50 countries. Membership consists of a diverse range of civil society organisations bound together by their commitment to ensuring that business activity contributes to sustainable development and poverty eradication, and that corporations are held accountable for their actions around the globe. For the full list of member organisations, please see the members page.

The network has a Coordination Committee with a diverse regional representation, and is currently made up by SOMO (Netherlands – secretariat), Accountability Counsel (United States), FOCO (Argentina), Green Advocates (Liberia), Jamaa Resources (Kenya), Korean House for International Solidarity (South Korea), MiningWatch Canada (Canada) and PLADES (Peru).

Policy & advocacy

As a recognised stakeholder at the OECD Investment Committee, OECD Watch acts as a conduit for bringing the perspectives and interests of NGOs and disadvantaged communities into policy discussions at the OECD. In addition to monitoring and advocating for improved NCP performance and implementation of the Guidelines, OECD Watch develops policy advice on a wide range of social, environmental and economic topics related to international investment and business activity. The network advocates for these policies and positions in its interactions with policymakers, businesses and trade unions.

Capacity building & support

OECD Watch supports civil society organisations and communities by holding capacity building seminars, providing detailed advice on the Guidelines’ complaints process to those considering and involved in a case, developing and disseminating guidance on how to interpret and use the Guidelines, and providing small grants to NGOs that are in need and whose work contributes to the overall aims of the network.

Research & analysis

OECD Watch researches and analyses various aspects of the implementation, effectiveness and impact of the OECD Guidelines. The network maintains an online database of all Guidelines cases filed by NGOs and publishes a Quarterly Case Update, including developments in and analysis of cases.

Other corporate accountability instruments

Beyond the OECD Guidelines, OECD Watch contributes to other advocacy efforts to strengthen corporate accountability frameworks around the world.

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