Photo: OECD Watch General Assembly, Cambodia, 2015

OECD Watch is a global civil society network with more than 140 members in over 50 countries. Membership consists of a diverse range of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as well as grassroots and community groups that share a common vision of the need for corporate accountability for negative impacts on people and the planet. The network is formally recognised as the representative of civil society to the OECD committee that promotes the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Responsible Business Conduct (Guidelines).

Photo: OECD Watch General Assembly, Cambodia, 2015

What does OECD Watch do?

OECD Watch undertakes a range of activities centred on empowering communities, rights defenders and civil society to use the OECD, the Guidelines and the National Contact Point (NCP) grievance mechanisms. Together with our members we aim to achieve accountability for corporate harm and promote responsible business conduct. These activities include capacity building and case support, research and analysis, policy advising, and advocacy both at and beyond the OECD.


The OECD Watch network consists of:

  • A network of members;
  • A coordination committee (steering board); and
  • A small secretariat of staff based in the Netherlands.

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