OECD Watch’s vision is that all business is conducted in a way that respects human rights. In order to achieve this vision, our mission is three-fold:

  1. To build capacity of civil society to use and improve the OECD Guidelines and other OECD instruments relevant to responsible business conduct;
  2. To strengthen law and policy on corporate accountability and support remedy for communities and workers harmed by business conduct;
  3. To support civil society engagement to improve policy making and standard setting relevant to responsible business conduct by the OECD and governments.

Theory of Change

OECD Watch believes that multinational corporations must be held accountable for adverse impacts they cause, contribute to, or are linked to, and that remedy must be accessible to victims of corporate misconduct. Until governments enact binding rules for responsible business conduct, OECD Watch believes the OECD Guidelines and NCP complaint system have the potential to strengthen corporate accountability and access to remedy for victims. This potential will only be realized if the grievance system is strengthened. Acknowledging the discontent amongst civil society over the utility of the OECD’s grievance system, OECD Watch will strive to strengthen the legitimacy and reach of the OECD Guidelines and accompanying procedural guidance, the accessibility and effectiveness of the NCPs, and the capacity of civil society to use the system to secure remedy for victims of corporate abuse.