If a complaint is filed to multiple National Contact Points (NCPs), the NCPs will coordinate with each other to decide their roles, either leading or supporting the complaint process. 

Coordination process

Typically, the NCP of the country where the issues arose will take the lead. However, another NCP may lead, particularly if that NCP could better facilitate the resolution of the issues. NCPs are expected to consider the complainant’s preference when determining the lead NCP. The lead NCP will usually oversee the entire complaint process. This means that the lead NCP’s complaint-handling process will govern the entire complaint. The supporting NCP(s) will stay updated and can contribute resources, such as reviewing statements, providing translations, facilitating joint meetings, and other practical assistance.

This stage should only take two months. 

Role of complainants and companies

NCPs should keep all parties informed of coordination arrangements. Any decision to change the lead NCP role should involve consultation by the NCP with the parties.