1. Cover sheet with names and contact details of parties and NCP(s).
  2. Short introduction to the case, including the company(ies) and the problems
  3. Identification of the parties, including the relevant company structure and the complainants’ interest in the case
  4. Short explanation of the NCP’s jurisdiction over the complaint (home? Host?) and how the six admissibility criteria of the Procedural Guidance are satisfied.
  5. Background on the situation: what harms are occurring or anticipated?
  6. List of chapter(s) and paragraph(s) in the Guidelines that the company is breaching
  7. Evidence to justify each allegation of breach
  8. Requests of both the NCP and company
  9. Statement of good faith to engage in the procedure. If you are pursuing multiple strategies, explain why you consider these activities appropriate and why they will not conflict with or undermine the complaint process.
  10. Attachments and/or appendices with more detailed information relevant to the complaint

If applicable:

  1. Other relevant (international) standards the NCP should take into account when considering the complaint
  2. Description of previous attempts at resolution of the case directly with the company or other relevant actors and/or institutions
  3. Indication of why the NCP’s consideration of the complaint will not interfere with any parallel proceedings.
  4. Confidentiality request, such as the names of individuals, sources of evidence or any documentation that cannot be shared with the company.