In November 2010 the U.S. Department of State has held consultations on its Review of the U.S. National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Issues for review include the adequacy of the current structure and practices of the U.S. NCP and the changes that should be made to enhance its functioning. OECD Watch, as well as other civil society groups, has provided input into the review process.

OECD Watch welcomes the opportunity to provide comments for the review of the US NCP, which we consider an important and timely initiative. As this review is taking place in the context of the broader update of the OECD Guidelines for MNEs, OECD Watch emphasizes that strong US leadership in this process is crucial if the update is to be successful and the relevance and implementation of the OECD Guidelines is to be improved.

As its input for review of the US NCP OECD Watch has submitted its NCP Performance Criteria, together with the earlier released 10 Years On report and an overview and analysis of OECD Guidelines cases filed by NGOs submitted directly to the US NCP. To date, unfortunately no OECD Guidelines cases filed by NGOs involving the US NCP have been successfully concluded or resolved.

Next to OECD Watch a number of other civil society groups have submitted input into the review or were present at the public hearing held 2 November 2010.

  • EarthRights International (OECD Watch member)
  • RAID (OECD Watch member)
  • Shwe Gas Movement (OECD Watch member)
  • Accountability Counsel
  • Joint statement of a coalition of civil society organisations, including OECD Watch members Friends of the Earth Europe and Friends of the Earth US
  • Human Rights Watch
  • Amazon Watch
  • Joint statement by Human Rigths Advocates and Right Respect
  • Joint statement American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFLCIO) and the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC)
  • International Trade Union Confederation
  • International Federation of Chemical. Energy, Mine and General Workers’ Unions

More submissions can be found on the website of BASES wiki.

Read OECD Watch’s comments here.