On June 27 and 28, 2010, OECD Watch held their Annual General assembly in Paris. In attendance were 30 members representing 20 countries. The General Assembly also hosted nine aspiring members hailing from Africa and Europe.

On Sunday June 27 2010, members discussed operational and strategic issues. The Coordination Committee updated the membership on its achievements and main issues to date. An internal learning session was held with the goal of identifying and maximizing moments of energy and greater cohesion within the network.

On Monday June 28 2010, Carlos Lopez from the International Commission of Jurists discussed judicial and non-judicial remedies for victims of corporate misconduct with the participants to the General Assembly. Next, the General Assembly broke into smaller working groups to draft texts and proposals on revision of the Guidelines' different chapters and on the procedural guidance. Each working group drafted detailed proposals and presented them to the larger Assembly for feedback. This brainstorm will serve as starting point for OECD Watch's further positions on the Review of the Guidelines.

The following three days, from June 29 to July 1st 2010, members attended among others, consultations with NCPs, the OECD's Annual CSR Roundtable.