The Centre for Environmental Impact Analysis (CEIA) is a pro – poor public interest scientific research oriented, human right and advocacy non – governmental organisation that uses scientific technologies and advanced leadership skills in the management of the environment and natural resources in the country. The motto of the organisation is “CEIA – protecting human health and the environment”. It was born out of communities’ struggles to protect and safeguard their environment from the negative impacts of gold mining. This has unleashed a wide range of environmental and human health problems such as cyanide spillages, loss of livelihood, water, air and land pollution, etc.

Mission Statement: CEIA seeks to be a centre of excellence in public interest science in protecting the environment, natural resources, human health and the rights of marginalised residents of resource endowed communities in Ghana and other developing countries in Africa.

Vision: The vision of CEIA is to become a well-structured organisation with resources and capacity to apply scientific principles to address environmental and human rightly challenges in the extractive sector with the view of influencing policies in the interest of the marginalised people.