Global Justice Group seeks justice, truth, remedy and accountability for victims of gross human rights violations and serious violations of humanitarian law, supporting them in pursuing redress, by:

  1. Sponsoring legal research aimed at exploring judicial and alternative remedies to obtain effective and enforceable justice for the victims, ending impunity of the perpetrators and enablers of such heinous crimes.
  2. Training local survivors’ organizations and NGOs to document violations of human rights and humanitarian law in a way that preserves the evidentiary standards required by courts and other possible accountability mechanisms.
  3. Supporting victims in securing legal representation to assert their rights through a network of lawyers and other experts for provision of legal and alternative representation aimed at reaching just compensation for their suffering.
  4. Sponsoring research to investigate gross violations of human rights law and serious violations of humanitarian law, in order to collect, process and verify evidence aimed at implementing justice and accountability.
  5. Helping to develop the substance of national, regional and international laws establishing that victims must be provided with full and effective remedies.
  6. Providing a forum for the discussion and development of legislation and policies to counter and deter violations of human rights and humanitarian law, protecting the right of individuals everywhere to live in safety, without fear.