Conference report: The role of the OECD, OECD Guidelines, and OECD Watch in the changing corporate accountability landscape

OECD Watch held its biennial Global Gathering in São Paolo, Brazil from 30 January to 1 February 2023. The conference was co-hosted by Conectas Direitos Humanos with support from Swedwatch, and attended by about 70 participants from 19 countries.

Participants examined key challenges arising during NCP complaints, the potential targeted updates to the Guidelines in 2023, human rights due diligence initiatives in Latin America and the potential impact of European due diligence legislation on the region, and the OECD accession process underway for Brazil, Peru, and other countries. OECD Watch’s Coordination Committee members, among others, also shared real-life examples of fighting adverse corporate impacts from their own work.

Read the conference report (available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French) for an overview of the Global Gathering.

*Clarification to page 5 of the conference report: The multi-stakeholder committee of the Chilean NCP, in addition to NGOs and academia, is made up of private sector, trade union organisations and indigenous peoples’ organisations.

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publication cover - OECD Watch’s 2023 Global Gathering