CCC’s complaint alleges that Nike and Adidas’ suppliers in Indonesia are violating labour rights. Specifically, workers have been denied the right to organize and to collective bargaining. They have been subjected to intimidation ranging from humiliation, arbitrary arrests and threats to their health and safety. As a result, workers are unwilling to speak out about abuses out of fear of retaliation.

In addition, workers do not receive a living wage. The low wages impacts parents, particularly women, who are frequently forced to live away from their children. The complaint also raises occupational health and safety issues.

The complaint is based largely on Timothy Connor’s report, “We are not machines” (2002).

Relevant OECD Guidelines


After receiving the case from the Austrian NCP, the US NCP rejected the case. The NCP concluded that the information available did not indicate that its involvement was needed. The US NCP asserted that Nike’s conduct is being effectively addressed through other appropriate means and that the company has demonstrated its commitment to an ongoing, collaborative process to improve working conditions, for example, through its participation in the Fair Labour Association.

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Company in violation
Affected people
Other NCP's where the complaint was filed
Date rejected / concluded
27 May 2004

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  • statement
    27 May 2004

    US NCP concludes that the information available does not indicate that its involvement is needed and asserts that Nike’s conduct is being effectively addressed through other appropriate means.

    NCP US
  • letter
    18 November 2002

    Austrian NCP states it has not accepted the case, because there is no link with Austria. NCP forwards the case to the US NCP.

    NCP Austria
  • file
    5 September 2002

    Case filed before Austrian NCP.

    Clean Clothes Austria