Date filed
12 November 2019
Countries of harm
Current status


On 12 November 2019 a specific instance was filed by Focus Association for Sustainable Development and 16 other civil society organisations and civil initiatives against Ascent Resources plc at the Slovenian NCP and the UK NCP in support. The complaint has also been signed by: Civil Initiative Stop Fracking in Slovenia, Destilator, Dark Sky Slovenia, ONEJ, TRS, Ecologists Without Borders, Institute for Sustainable Development, PIC, ECO CIRCLE, Hadikova Pot, Institute for Youth Participation Health and Sustainable Development, Humanitas Society for Human Rights and Supportive Action, Kitchen Revolution, Mundi Society for Ethical Co-Living, Umanotera, and Association ROVO.

The complaint concerns activities of Ascent Resources plc in Slovenia related to hydraulic fracturing activities. The complainants allege that Ascent Resources plc has violated the OECD Guidelines in relation to environmental and health hazards, lack of due diligence, poor engagement with stakeholders, and improper lobbying activities in Slovenia. Complainants are seeking good offices from the Slovenian NCP to bring their concerns to Ascent Resources plc and facilitate a dialogue aimed at securing the discontinuation of Ascent‘s hydraulic fracking activities and investments in Slovenia.

Relevant OECD Guidelines


In January 2020, the Slovenian NCP acknowledged receipt of the complaint.

The complainants feel that the Slovenian NCP carried out procedural errors during the case review. In particular, the Slovenian NCP required an overly high standard of proof and of evidence from the complainants. At the same time, the Slovenian NCP only met with Ascent Resources plc and not the complainants. Finally, according to the complaints, the NCP did not properly interpret the Guidelines, in relation to Due Diligence as well as determining whether the Guidelines are breached. The Guidelines cannot be breached if the company’s activity is legal in the country.

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