Date filed
22 August 2002
Countries of harm
Current status
No resolution


Nutreco’s subsidiary, Marine Harvest, is accused of harming the environment. The company avoids adopting measures that could prevent or limit damage from its salmon farming. In addition, Marine Harvest does not respect the five-mile zone. The company does environmental impact studies, not environmental assessments. There is no contact with stakeholders, free choice to join a union is not guaranteed and circumstances for workers appear not to be optimal.

Relevant OECD Guidelines


The Dutch NCP referred the case to the Chilean NCP, which the complainants protested.

In October 2003, the Chilean NCP issued a report that included recommendations and a proposal for dialogue. Among the recommendations were recognition of the rights of workers to join a trade union, collective bargaining and other core labour rights. The NCP also recommended that standards should progressively be brought into line with those found in the Netherlands.

More details

Company in violation
Affected people
Other NCP's where the complaint was filed
Date rejected / concluded
15 October 2003