Date filed
30 April 2014
Countries of harm
Current status
No resolution


In April 2014 the French NCP received a request for for the recovery of the paper mill of Docelles by the Finnish Group UPM KYMMENE. The complaint was submitted by the Mayor of Docelles, the association Société coopérative et participative (SCOP), as well as the French association “Sauver La Papeterie de Docelles”, and a group of former employees at the paper mill alleging that the Finnish Group UPM KYMMENE had breached the employment and industrial relations provisions of the Guidelines by closing its paper mill in Docelles, France.

Relevant OECD Guidelines


The Finish NCP was alerted to the request and kept informed during the specific instance process.

The French NCP undertook an initial assessment and concluded that the request merited further consideration. It offered to provide a platform for dialogue on the parties to negotiate the future of the site while taking account the parallel proceedings that exist before the French courts. UPM accepted this offer.

The NCP interviewed the parties in September 2014 and consulted with experts and then offered to organise a joint meeting between the parties to examine the feasibility of mediation. This offer was rejected by France SAS and UPM (the parent company). The NCP continued to review the specific instance and in December 2014, it informed the parties in confidence about its preliminary analysis and this analysis was transfered to the Finnish NCP and UPM in Finland in January 2015.

During its meeting of February 2015, the NCP decided conclude the specific instance, noting that UPM had not acted in conformity with the provisions of the Guidelines and stating that the persistent dispute between the parties rendered it impossible to establish any form of mediation. In accordance with the NCP’s rules, it approved a draft communiqué which was sent to the parties and the Finnish NCP.

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