In November 2023 and January 2024, OECD Watch filed two submissions for the peer reviews of NCPs Iceland and Romania, respectively. Our submissions highlight areas for improvement of particular concern to OECD Watch in relation to National Contact Point’s (NCP) procedures, organisational structures, and communications. Our submissions include recommendations for the NCP to improve these issues.

Under the 2011 version of the OECD Guidelines, NCPs could volunteer to undergo peer reviews, which acknowledge the strengths and achievements of the NCP under review, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for doing so. According to the Procedures for NCPs in the updated 2023 version of the Guidelines, NCPs are required to undergo peer reviews:

Adherents will undertake periodic peer reviews of their NCP organised by the Secretariat, as a means to increase effective implementation of the Guidelines, share best practices, and foster NCP effectiveness and functional equivalence. Modalities for periodic peer reviews, including procedures for conducting peer reviews, the duration of the peer review cycle and funding arrangements, will be approved by the [Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct] WPRBC and reviewed at the end of every cycle. The first cycle of periodic peer reviews will only be launched after such modalities have been approved. (OECD Guidelines, Procedures, Part I, Section F)

NCPs Iceland and Romania’s peer reviews took place under the 2011 (voluntary) peer review system. All other future peer reviews will take place under the voluntary system until the WPRBC determines the modalities for the system.

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publication cover - OECD Watch’s submissions for NCPs Iceland and Romania peer reviews