Angela Mattli is Campaign Manager at the Society for Threatened Peoples, Switzerland (STP), an international human rights organisation that supports minorities and indigenous peoples. STP documents impacts on indigenous people, informs and sensitises the public, and represents the interests of victims against authorities and decision makers. STP supports local efforts to improve the human rights situation for minorities and indigenous peoples. STP has advisory status both at the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC of the UN and at the Council of Europe.

In 2018, STP lodged a complaint at OECD National Contact Point of Switzerland calling for banks to waive their business relations in future if human rights violations are committed at the site of a bank’s client. The complaint resulted in an agreement with a major bank for it to respect the principle of free prior and informed consent for indigenous people. STP also supports the Sami on the Fosen Penisula in Norway in their fight, including at the Norwegian and Swiss NCPs, against wind turbines that are to be built without their consent but would destroy a great part of their pasture.