The Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business (PIHRB) is an independent and impartial think tank offering advanced expertise in Human Rights and Business, labour law and relations, social unrest, stakeholder engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as well as educational and awareness raising programmes. PIHRB’s aim is to advance the implementation of Human Rights and Business/the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) in Poland by contributing research and activities that influence the everyday practice of all market actors, and policy and legislation development.

Beata Faracik is a co-founder and President of the board of PIHRB. A legal expert specialized in Human Rights & Business and RBC/CSR, she has approximately 20 years of professional experience the in public, private, and NGO sectors in various countries, including the Ministry of Justice (Poland), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Poland), Criminal Justice System (UK), University of Exeter (UK), and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Children (UK). Since 2018 Beata has volunteered as coordinator of the interministerial and multistakeholder Working Group on Workers, an advisory body to the Minister of Finance, Funds and Regional Development, helping develop legislative recommendations and practical tools to prevent and persecute forced labour and human trafficking. Beata co-founded the CSR Watch Coalition Poland and Central and Eastern Europe Business and Human Rights Association, and is also a member of the BHRight Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching on Business and Human Rights, the BHR Teaching Forum, and of the advisory board of Amnesty International Poland. She holds a Master’s degree in Law and an MA in International relations/European Affairs from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and an LL.M. in Human Rights and Intellectual Property Law (WIPO WA Fellow) from Raoul Wallenberg Institute of the Lund University and WIPO Worldwide Academy. She has authored a number of papers and reports in Polish and English, and contributed as an invited expert to discussions on BHR at the European level, including at European Parliament hearings on business and human rights.