MiningWatch Canada is a not-for profit organization founded in 1999 and based in Ottawa, Canada.

MiningWatch focusses on hard rock metal mining operations in Canada and by Canadian companies operating overseas. MiningWatch works in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous communities who are dealing with potential or actual industrial mining operations that affect their lives and territories, or with the legacy of closed mines, as well as with mineworkers and former workers seeking safe working conditions and fair treatment. MiningWatch Canada explicitly values the experience and knowledge of Indigenous peoples, mining-affected communities, and workers, and bases its work on mutual learning and participatory, deliberative and transformative methodologies.

Catherine Coumans, Ph.D, has coordinated research and the Asia-Pacific program at MiningWatch Canada since its founding. Departing from a rights-based perspective, Catherine has worked in solidarity with community members and Indigenous peoples affected by Canadian mining companies in India, Mongolia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Kanaky-New Caledonia, and Tanzania. Catherine also works on policy and regulatory reform to increase accountability of the sector. Catherine’s publications on mining appear in, among others: Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 2018; UBC Law Review, 2012; Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment, 2012; Current Anthropology, 2011.