Emilie Palamy Pradichit is an intersectional feminist visionary and international human rights lawyer specialising in accessing justice for marginalised communities. Working on the ground, she reinforces the power of women, youth, LGBTI, indigenous & forest communities to speak truth to power at the forefront of their fight for democracy, social justice & equality. Emilie was the architect of Thailand’s Independent CSO National Baseline Assessment on Business & Human Rights, and was central to the establishment of the Thai BHR Network. Experiencing the failure of Thailand’s NAP-BHR in ensuring businesses respect human rights, Manushya is coordinating a national movement advocating for mandatory human rights due diligence legislation and standalone anti-SLAPP law. Via Manushya’s corporate accountability & climate justice work, Emilie supports affected communities in Laos and Thailand seeking justice through class action lawsuits and UN Special Procedures, and conducts community-led research to expose corporate capturegreenwashing, and false climate solutions. Prior to founding Manushya, Emilie was the Asia Director of UPR-Info, served as Human Rights & Advocacy Officer at UNDP, worked for Transparency International Thailand and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon graduating with her LL.M. in Public International Law from the Sorbonne Law School, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Emilie sits on the Scientific Board of the René Cassin Foundation, where she teaches the Protection of Human Rights in Asia. She is a Moderator of the Symposium on Strength and Solidarity for Human Rights and Advisory Council member of ICNL. In May 2022, Emilie received the Leader by Head & Heart Award.