Cividep India is a non-governmental organization based in Bangalore, India, that educates workers about their rights and campaigns for corporate accountability with like-minded organisations and individuals. The organisation undertakes training, research, and campaigning and advocacy activities and targets the garments, electronics, and leather and tea/coffee sectors. Cividep’s mission is to safeguard the rights of workers and communities in a rapidly globalising world and to hold corporate entities accountable for the negative impacts of their business practices on workers, the environment and communities. Cividep is a member of a number of international networks, including the Good Electronics Network, OECD Watch and the Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational and Environmental Victims. Cividep works together with these networks and with partners and networks in India to ensure that companies respect human rights and conduct business in a socially responsible manner

Gopinath Parakuni is a founding member of Cividep India and has been its General Secretary since its inception in 2000. He did his Masters in Social Work with specialisations in Personnel Management and Labour Welfare. He worked a few years in English daily journalism before transitioning to civil society organisations concerned with rights of Dalits, women, marginal farmers and informal sector workers mainly in designing development programme interventions.