Date filed
2 October 2003
Countries of harm
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The Coalition against BAYER-Danger (CBG-Network) has contacted the German NCP regarding H.C. Starck‘s mineral tantalite from the civil war zone in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The export revenues from mineral trading by active rebel groups in that region are thought to be used for the recruitment of soldiers and purchase of weapons. The United Nations report on Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources of the Congo has confirmed this and H.C. Starck‘s involvement in minteral trade with the eastern DRC.

Although H.C. Starck has reported not to source tantatile from the DRC since August 2001, a supplementary UN publication has reported that after that date at least one more delivery was made to H.C. Starck. According to the UN H.C. Starck has also received materials from the company Eagle Wings Bukavu from the DRC. As H.C. Starck has responded to this allegation that it “had no direct contact with Eagle Wings”, it remains unclear whether raw materials of Eagle Wings were indeed delivered or not.

Relevant OECD Guidelines


On 3 October 2003, the CBG-Network called upon the German NCP to clarify whether there are still unresolved issues with H.C. Starck and to investigate whether H.C. Starck has violated any Guidelines during its trade relationship with the DRC. On 12 December 2003 the complaintant received word from the NCP that it would not follow-up on this case.

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12 December 2003


  • reject
    12 December 2003

    Case rejected by German NCP

    NCP Germany
  • file
    2 October 2003

    Complaint filed at German NCP