Current status


On 23 January 2024, VU Climate Change and Sustainability Law Clinic, North Sea Fossil Free, Scientists for Future NL, Scientist Rebellion NL, and Deutsche Umwelthilfe filed a complaint against One-Dyas B.V. to the Dutch NCP. One-Dyas is a private company which is seeking to extract fossil gas from fields in the North Sea. According to the complainants, the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions caused by the project will significantly harm human rights and the environment, and undermine the objectives of international and European climate policy. They argue that One-Dyas has failed to identify these impacts in their environmental impact assessment, has not to their knowledge assessed its human rights impacts, and has repeatedly misrepresented the climate-related impacts of the project in its public communications.

The complainants are asking One-Dyas to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the project’s impacts and, based on this assessment, terminate the project. They also seek for the company to correctly inform stakeholders and the public about the adverse impacts of fossil gas extraction from the North Sea.

The complaint is filed under the 2023 version of the OECD Guidelines.

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