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6 August 2018
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On 6 August 2018 a specific instance was filed by the foundation Development YESOpenPit Mines NO (RT-ON) against Group PZU S.A. (PZU) at the Polish NCP. The complaint concerns activities of PZU in Warsaw operating in the financial sector (insurance and banking), concerning the indirect impact of PZU on climate change and lack of sufficient information in this area in its non-financial report (NFR) for 2017. The complainants allege that PZU did not fulfil its obligations in terms of complete reporting and ensuring transparency as to the environmental impacts of its activities and of its services. Complainants are seeking mediation from the NCP in order to reach an agreement that would lead to improvements of PZU‘s non-financial reporting in coming years.

Relevant OECD Guidelines


On 8 November 2018 the Polish NCP completed an initial assessment accepting the case for further consideration. The initial assessment was classified by the NCP and only directed to the parties to the proceeding. In this case the complainants felt classification was helpful for the duration of proceedings. However, OECD Watch urges that for transparency’s sake such practice does not become a rule and is used only in exceptional cases, on a temporary basis, and by agreement of both parties. OECD Watch appreciated that the NCP published on its website that a case was currently proceeding that would remain confidential until the final assessment.

On 18 January 2019 the NCP organised a meeting with both parties during which both the representatives of RT-ON and PZU expressed their commitment and openness to engage in the dialogue. After exchange of positions between the parties, and with the support of the NCP, an agreement between RT-ON and PZU was reached on 17 April 2019. Earlier in a letter of 26 February 2019, PZU submitted its position to RT-ON’s expectations, informing that the major part of the relevant information would be included in a non-financial statement of PZU for 2018.

On 27 May 2019 the NCP submitted the draft final statement to the parties, which was accepted by them on 26 July 2019. In its final statement, the NCP recommended PZU to continue actions expected of them by RT-ON and to which PZU had committed, in particular to implement policies on respecting human rights; environmental protection; and making relevant disclosures in its future non-financial statements. After the publication of PZU’s 2019 non-financial reporting, the NCP will invite both parties to a meeting in order to assess PZU’s progress in the areas covered by this complaint.

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26 July 2019