Date filed
16 March 2020
Countries of harm
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On 16 March 2020, Global Witness filed a specific instance against UK Export Finance, the UK’s export credit agency, at the United Kingdom NCP. The complaint concerns the activities of UK Export Finance in providing export credit services worldwide. The complainants allege that UK Export Finance is failing to commit and contribute to the climate targets set by the Paris Agreement, and does not disclose its indirect greenhouse gas emissions, in breach of its responsibilities under the OECD Guidelines. Global Witness is seeking mediation from the NCP to encourage UK Export Finance to commit to disclosing its full emissions footprint, bring its portfolio in line with the Paris Agreement 1.5C goal, and rapidly phase out all of its support for fossil fuels.

Relevant OECD Guidelines


In a very controversial decision, the UK NCP has rejected a complaint against the UK export credit agency (UK Export Finance) related to climate impacts, claiming that UKEF is not a “multinational enterprise” and thus not covered by the OECD Guidelines. This is controversial because other NCPs (e.g. Dutch) have previously determined that their ECAs do fall under the OECD Guidelines.

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