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With the support of Greenpeace Indonesia and Friends of the Earth Japan 23 community leaders united in Paguyuban UKPWR filed a complaint against ITOCHU and J-Power for violations committed by Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI), the joint-venture they helped establish to construct and operate a coal-fired power plant in Batang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Community members resist giving up their land for the construction of the project and fear the project’s further impact on their income and livelihoods, such as agricultural land and fishing grounds. During their struggle community members have already experienced intimidation and violence and faced, among other things, wrongful and arbitrary arrests and unfair trials.

The complainants further alleged that BPI, and its shareholders ITOCHU and J-POWER, have not carried out comprehensive human rights and environmental due diligence, and have not engaged in meaningful consultation with all affected communities to identify the full scope and severity of potential human rights, social, and environmental impacts.

The complainants ask the Japanese NCP to help ensure that the plant’s construction process does not involve any further manipulation, coercion, intimidation or violence towards the local community and help farmers and community members receive appropriate rehabilitation or remediation for the damages and negative impact experienced. The complainants request that the NCP establishes independent assessment of the case through fact finding. The complainants also hope the NCP process will lead to disclosure of important information on health and safety risks.

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After receiving the complaint and conducting an initial assessment, the NCP accepts the complaint on 28 June 2016.

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